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Around the World in 80 Shaders

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There’s no doubt about it, writing shaders is fun. So why not go on a whirlwind tour around the world, looking at all the fantastic shaders we can write along the way? Hence Around the World in 80 Shaders, presented at Develop in Liverpool 2010.

I did have a confession to make at the start of the talk… I was actually only going to talk about six shaders, but hey, it was a good title! I also briefly discussed our awesome shader system that was a massive help to me and others at Bizarre who contributed to our shaders.

As such, the talk included shaders written and contributed to by a variety of people (including the shader system itself):

SPU Assisted Rendering

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Ste Tovey and I gave a talk at Develop in Brighton in 2010 on SPU Assisted Rendering. I mostly rehashed old ground, covering our SPU lighting implementation on Blur that was presented at Develop in Liverpool the previous year, while Ste talked about using the SPUs to help with vehicle damage.

A Bizarre Way to do Real-Time Lighting

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At the inaugural Develop in Liverpool back in 2009, Ste Tovey and I presented our SPU lighting technique. Our initial implementation was of course on GPU, but inspired by Matt Swoboda’s work at SCEE R&D, presented at GDC earlier in the year, we realised that we could save a large amount of PS3 GPU time by moving the lighting to the SPUs. Blur was the perfect showcase and the end results speak for themselves.