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SPU Assisted Rendering

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Ste Tovey and I gave a talk at Develop in Brighton in 2010 on SPU Assisted Rendering. I mostly rehashed old ground, covering our SPU lighting implementation on Blur that was presented at Develop in Liverpool the previous year, while Ste talked about using the SPUs to help with vehicle damage.

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Really cool how you parallelise your rendering Steve. So many devices with multiple cores not being tested by code that runs in parallel. I speak with people who covet high end pc’s just for running web browsers and irc. I tell them that more cores isn’t necessarily going to get the job done faster. Only if you are maxing out your first core would the machine benefit from parallelised code (spreading the code accross multiple cores). Also, more computationally demanding algorithms use more electricity so we definitely should be monitoring the resources and finding methods which use less. For instance, do you know what the psu’s for the consoles max out at? In terms of Watts.

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