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Calibrating Lighting and Materials in Far Cry 3


This year at SIGGRAPH, Stephen Hill and I organised the Practical Physically Based Shading in Film and Game Production course. We’re really indebted to Naty Hoffman for putting us in touch with the speakers, and to the speakers themselves for making everything very easy for us, as well as producing such fantastic content. Most of all though, thanks to all of you for coming! I really couldn’t believe how full the room was, and I hope you learned a lot. If you haven’t found your way there by now, check out all the materials on the course web page.

I got to fulfil my personal ambition of speaking at SIGGRAPH by speaking on the work I’ve been doing on Far Cry 3:

Calibrating Lighting and Materials in Far Cry 3 [slides, (ppt, pdf)] [video] [course notes]

I want to give thanks again to Naty Hoffman for introducing me to the idea and the need of colour correction, but especially to Paul Malin at Activision Central Tech who developed the colour correction algorithm I used, and was kind enough to first share it with me so I could use it on Far Cry 3, and second to let me share it with all of you. Colour correction is something I think is incredibly important, and I’d love to hear what other studios are doing now and in the future.